Logo evolution


1989 (prehistoric era)

First drafts while Martyr moniker was not decided yet.
I kept the idea of this letter for what it would become the official logo.


First draft of the first logo.
The A and last R were modified for the final version.

Here I tried to join every letters together, obviously without any good results.

Here, I wanted to use the previous band name for a demo title.

We did a shirt with this drawing.

Battle axe!
Notice the similarity with the M of the first logo.


The hole in the axe was used later in the letters M and R.

The logo below was done in GWBasic on a Tandy 1000 SE computer! (A lot of x-y coordinates!)

Colors were added with colored pencils.

I put an eclipse after an old song's title I wrote at that time.

- Final version of first Martyr logo! -

1993-1994 (Ostrogoth demo recording era)

We had to get a more edgy logo to match better with the concept of the band. We asked our friend Philippe Papirakis to design a new logo but he asked to one of his friend to do one for us. I asked to keep the M and R hooks in the design.

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a T!

Then I tried to incorporate the new T.

Working on the logo... notice the TIE Fighter, Bomber, Interceptor and Defender, Y-Wing, B-Wing, Tidirian shuttle, AT-AT, X-Wing, B-Wing and pizza slice at the bottom.

Still working on it...


- Final version of second Martyr logo! -

Second and third letters were kept almost intact from the first logo. First and last letters would keep some of their features. The Y, which I decided to replace, came out really bad as it looks like a necktie... (bad idea)

So, I tried to change the letter Y again. Kind of a "spaceship" feel.
We never used this logo though. Oh, I made a backflag of it and we used it a few times.

Look at the little pointy hooks in the M and R insides...
These were kept and a
dapted in the final logo.

Ostrogoth character

Original text : "Vampire with a war commander helmet from the black legion, legion of the Martyrs from the dawn of time." The image of a vampire refers to a great and uncontrollable evil, rejected from society. A vengeful spirit without mercy, waiting for the time to rise again."

This image was from the previous logo, and was used on the 1995 Ostrogoth demo.


One night, Philippe called me, it was around  1:30 am! He had a vision while listening to Elementals (on Hopeless Hopes cd). He would not explain to me but asked to come over his place. He had a vision of the circle in the middle of the logo, a blend of visceral and cold mechanical ambiance. When he showed me his drawing, I was speechless. I think it was pure genious.

Unfortunately, the first draft which was much better than this one was used as toilet paper by his cat "Banana".
So, we drew it again from the scratch...



Ostrogoth demo cover

1997-today (revised version)

An exampe of the numerous corrections with the help of Martin Laliberte.

Et voila!

- François Mongrain

These files may not be redistributed nor duplicated without the direct permission of MARTYR. Thanks !