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Galy Records


Credits :

Website :

Feeding the Abscess artwork : Richard Marchand
Warp Zone and live album artwork : Martin Laliberté at Scalpel Design / Blog
Hopeless Hopes artwork : Marc Tremblay
Website and CDs Layouts : Martin Laliberté
Japanese website : Ichihara Toshihiko from Thrash or Die!
Martyr website webmaster : Francois Mongrain

Photography :

Marc-André Paillé
Fred Laroche
Jean-François Houle
Sylvain Carpentier
Martin Laliberté
Louise Girard
Mathieu Gervais
Éric Massicotte

Miscellaneous :

Logo by Philippe Papirakis and François Mongrain
Lyrics translation and adaptation : Philippe Papirakis
Videos by Benoit Nantel and Jean-François Houle
Misc design : Samuel Landry, Steeve Daigle